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Yagnik Fashion is the most Innovative standard size clothing brand and available in all-india. We are on a mission to foster style in urban businessmen. We marry contemporary product design and technology with old school tailoring techniques to bring you a high quality yet affordable product.

We at Yagnik Fashion, believe in making a women look sharp at all times. Yagnik Fashion is a modern women's fashion brand which brings sharp and minimal design aesthetics. We are a brand where the fit and structure, taste for elegance and style, and the modern consumer is our utmost priority. Our team has the most dynamic people who hold similar tastes but have a different approach. We are very particular about the craftsmanship that goes into making every product, at the same time ensuring that it is affordable.

We fret about tiny details. We check the straightness of every stitch. We freak on every misplaced button. We insist on using the world’s finest fabrics, and work with our land’s best craftsmen. Our partners call us fanatics, but they too are the same or we wouldn’t be able to work with them. Each of our products has two things in common: passion and excellence. We’ve crafted each one to celebrate its individuality and character, but also have been fanatic about making sure that the range is of a consistently all standard. We don’t settle for ‘ok’. Our job is to satisfy you and we’re only satisfied if you are.


We are the strong believer of "Quality is always in trend". At YAGNIK FASHION, much attention is paid to the provenance of our raw materials, especially our fabrics. We work with only a handful of suppliers across the world, to bring you only the best quality Egyptian cotton, Giza cotton, Viscos Rayon and Premium cotton.

In order to keep our garments perfect and impeccable after several washes and ironing, the stitching density is maintained at a level of 16 stitches per inch (SPI) using world’s top quality sewing threads and best of breed Japanese sewing Machines.

To match the exclusive feel of our fabric, each product is outfitted with genuine mother of pearl buttons. Hand carved from stunning mother of pearl, these are truly the most luxurious buttons a product can possess, bringing an extra layer of lustre to each garment.

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